Pick an Appetizer - Served Cold

 Crab Stuffed Cucumber Rounds     $44.00
Tortilla Chips w/ Fresh Salsa and Guacamole    $26.00
Roll-Ups (Beef or Turkey)    $42.00
Assorted Cheese Platter     $39.00
Shrimp Platter w/ Cocktail Sauce     $65.00
Combo Meat & Cheese Platter     $45.00
Deviled Eggs    $35.00
Smoked Salmon Dip  (Shaped as a Salmon)   $46.00

Prices per Tray - serves Approx. 20 people
Can be passed or displayed.
(Tray passing requires a $100.00 server fee)

Fresh Vegeatables w/ Spinach or Ranch Dip    $39.00
Oregon Smoked Salmon w/ Cream Cheese 
     (on Toasted Rounds)    $46.00
Assorted Deli Meat Platter    $45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter     $35.00
Gourmet Little sandwiches    $44.00
Shrimp Margaritas     $69.00
Black Bean Pinwheels    $30.00
Bruschetta w/ Roasted Tomatoes and
     Basil on Toast Rounds    $44.00
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters 
     (Bloody Mary - Tequila - Margarita)    $65.00 per Dozen